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Bestselling romantic fantasy series full of viking-vibes, grumpy heroes, softer female leads, spicy romance, flawed characters, and dark themes!

Welcome to the official site of Demi Winters, best selling romantic fantasy author of The Ashen Series. Explore her books, lore, upcoming events and releases, and ways to get in touch with Demi.

The Latest News

The Ashen have a new home with Bantam Dell, an imprint of Penguin Random House

This is incredible news for the series! In the long run, it means better access and affordability. Plus, with the Dell Bantam team behind Demi, she’ll be able to focus more on her writing.

As we transition the books into PRH’s capable hands, there will be some availability issues:

Print books are currently unavailable

Digital books are available unless you are in the UK/Au/NZ (updates to come)

Audiobooks are unaffected

Translations are coming soon!

See the list of available and upcoming translations for The Road of Bones and Kingdom of Claw below.

Meet Me at upcoming Events!

I am so excited to say that I will be attending Romantasy BookCon 2025 in Los Angeles, CA! Stay up to date on my upcoming in person and online events using the button below.

My Books

The Ashen Series, Book One

The Road of Bones

Silla Nordvig is running for her life. The Queen of Íseldur has sent warriors to bring Silla to Sunnevik, where death awaits her. When her father is killed, his last words set Silla on a perilous quest: travel the treacherous Road of Bones–a thousand-mile stretch haunted by warbands, creatures of darkness, and a mysterious murderer–and go to Kopa, where a shield-house awaits her.

The Ashen Series, Book two

Kingdom of Claw

Saga Volsik has nothing to lose..They’ve murdered her family. Stolen her throne. And now they expect her to marry their son. But when she discovers her foster mother has been keeping the biggest secret of all, everything changes. Saga’s plan: dismantle Queen Signe’s plans piece by piece–by any means necessary. The only problem? The handsome Zagadkian dignitary who is now trying to blackmail her.

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